Pre-Launch - Self-Pickup Trailer Rental Is Building Traction in Israel

Self-Pickup seeks to be the new bustling online rental facility that connects trailer owners with local customers. Building our network of various trailer types, loading equipment, collecting your purchase of furniture and oversized items you cannot fit in your car in an ever-increasing sales environment, including social media marketplaces and general transportation solutions for your every need.

Self-pickup seeks to build the strongest inventory of local trailers and a convenient order process, which is a win-win for trailer owners and the public needing moving options. Self-pickup is focused on making a lasting impression in the renting experience. I believe we can build and be the first choice for customers in many markets and countries.

Self-pickup provides a way for trailer owners to open a new income stream in the easiest form whilst remaining in control of the conditions and prices you set for renting your trailer units; it is all managed by our first-class rental website administering trailer inventory and collection and drop-off days and times all online saving you time and making the process as simple as possible.

You can also add multiple trailers and build a business from our platform for an extra income stream.

We asked the questions:

How many times do you use your trailer in a year, and can you benefit from renting?

Many trailer owners' responses report that the average trailer they own is only used 10 times a year. This leaves 355 days in a year, and your trailer could be making you money!

Would you like to make money from the days you don’t need your trailer?

Everyone questioned said yes, but they didn’t know how.

Some trailer owners had their phone numbers on the trailer with a for-hire sign but have very few, if any, calls showing a need for a central point of contact for potential renters, Self-Pickup provided the answer.

Our business model is built on filling the communications gap, supporting local businesses and the local economy, and helping local neighborhoods serve the transport needs better around them. Trailer owners in Israel tell me it is vital to own their trailers as they provide convenience in their commercial and recreational needs; owning trailers for them serves as an essential requirement, facilitating the movement of goods, equipment, and supplies locally and across the nation because there is no national network of trailers. Join us as we dive into the thriving trailer rental arena, providing solutions to many frustrated people who can't find a good way to move goods and supplies.

Who is reliant on renting trailers, from construction sites to landscaping projects and from home renovations to DIY moves not forgetting second-hand home equipment from Beds to a used washing machine to name a few.

There is demand for a better trailer rental solution that spans a wide spectrum of industries and activities. Whether hauling materials to a job site, transporting furniture to a new home, or embarking on a weekend landscaping project, trailer rentals provide the essential means to get the job done at the cheapest cost.

Small Business Owner: "Trailers are the backbone of many businesses and projects, offering unmatched versatility and convenience. Renting a trailer allows businesses to scale their operations as needed without the burden of ownership costs."

Tradesman: "Utility trailers are indispensable for individuals tackling DIY projects or moving household items. Renting a trailer provides a cost-effective solution for transporting bulky or heavy loads."

The self-pickup’s goal is to showcase a wide range of trailers, from utility to open flatbeds to enclosed cargo trailers, equipped with features to accommodate different types of cargo.

Self-pickup rental website seeks to offer a comprehensive selection of trailers designed to meet diverse transportation needs. Our customers can choose the perfect trailer for their specific requirements.

Satisfied customer feedback, sharing their experiences and the benefits of renting local trailers for their projects. This feedback will help trailer owners build credibility and confidence for the next rental customer.

Haim: "Renting a utility trailer from Self-pickup was a game-changer for my landscaping business. It allowed me to transport all my equipment and materials to job sites efficiently, saving time and money in the process."

David: "Moving to a new rental apartment was stress-free thanks to the utility trailer rental from Self-pickup. It accommodated all our furniture and belongings with three trips we were done, providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring a moving company."

Every business and household is driven by productivity and innovation; self-pickup trailer rentals are now playing a vital role in keeping businesses moving and projects on track. Whether it's for commercial endeavors or personal ventures, renting a self-pickup trailer offers the flexibility, affordability, and convenience needed to tackle any task. So, the next time you're on the move, remember with a self-pickup trailer rental, the possibilities are endless."

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